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Sessions: The overall design of the online lectures divides the material into Sessions, where you will watch a video version of a lecture, complete with drawings and animations.  Each Session targets one or more basic ideas.  Sometimes a Session is divided up into Topics.  Each Topic is a separate video of a contained concept.  I use my own flash animations in the videos.  If you want to see them again without having to go through the whole Session or Topic video, click on the button:  Animations for this Session. 

Test Yourself:  After watching the video, take a brief multiple choice (non-graded) quiz, which is designed for programmed learning.  If a wrong answer is chosen, you will be will be given a an explanation on why that answer is incorrect. These quizzes are meant to tackle common mistakes and misconceptions. 

Study Guide Questions:  In-depth questions for a short-answer or a drawing.  These questions highlight details of the material and subtleties of the science, and are to be used either before or after reading the textbook material, watching the video, and doing the Test Yourself quiz. 

Solutions to the Study Guide Questions:  The full solutions are there to give feedback.  PLEASE, please, please, look at the solution only AFTER you have completed the Study Guide questions.  I speak from years of experience:  if you read the solutions without first attacking the questions on your own, you will not learn the material.

ppt Files to Bring to Lecture:  Most of the powerpoint slides I use in class are to show you amazing images of stars and galaxies.  However, some slides have drawings, plots and diagrams, and you may access these.  If you would like to use hardcopies of these to take note on in class, I suggest you print these out before a given lecture. 

This site also contains supplementary information and references. 

*** NOTE:  to start most of the videos, you need to pass your cursor over the movie screen to bring up the movie controls.  Then click on the arrow for play. ***

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