About This Site

The animations shown here are not meant to be stand-alone devices, but rather to be supportive material for the classroom. I made them as streamlined and simple as possible so that they can be used at different levels and in different ways. Flexibility has been my goal.

In my own experience I have had students go to web sites to use a virtual lab or demonstration and get so lost in the verbiage that the experience did more harm than good. Therefore, no explanations come with these animations; the idea being that the teacher will provide his own explanation for his own students. The reason for this is to keep the usefulness for a wide variety of education levels. If you, as an educator, need more information on any of the animations before you use it in class, please contact me and I will be most happy to provide what you need.

I have also created other education sites. I invite you to visit those, described below. Any comments or suggestions you might have I will be most grateful to receive.

Dr Cecilia Barnbaum

Animations of concepts in astronomy

Experience the connection between math and physics for yourself. Which came first?
<==If you have it, click on it and get rid of it!
Find out what they are, how they work, and why there's a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way
Visualize the abstract!
Is that really the color of space clouds, stars, and galaxies? Find out.
VSU's Fossil Museum— see animals that lived millions of years ago.
VSU's Virtual Laboratory on Historical Geology. See animations of how the Grand Canyon formed and how geologists can tell what happened long ago by looking at sediment layers.