Course Information

Courses I taught at VSU (retired 2018):

ASTR 1010 -- Astronomy of the Solar System (+lab)
ASTR 1000 -- Introduction to the Universe
ASTR 3101 -- Astrophysics of the Solar System (+lab)
ASTR 3800 -- Astrobiology
ASTR 4102 -- Observational Astronomy II
ASTR 4410 -- Astrophysics

ASTR 4950 -- (3 hr) Directed Study (Data reduction techniques)
PHYS 2211 -- Calculus-based Physics: Principles of Physics I (+lab)
PHYS 2212 -- Calculus-based Physics: Principles of Physics II (+lab)
PHYS 3800 -- Differential Equations in Physical Systems
PHYS 3810 -- Mathematical Methods of Physics

PHYS 4411 -- Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 4412 -- Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 4501 -- Capstone Seminar I
PHYS 4502 -- Capstone Seminar II

PHYS 4950 -- (3 hr) Directed Study (Radio astronomy instrumentation)
PHYS 4950 -- (3 hr) Directed Study (Plasma Physics)
PHYS 4950 -- (3 hr) Directed Study (Fortran Programming in Physical Sciences)
PHYS 4950 – (3 hr) Directed Study (Complex Variables in Physical Systems)
SCI 3000 -- Science for Early Childhood Educators (+lab)


Useful Information for Physics and Astronomy Majors

How to do physics problems — it really works!!!

How to do physics derivations — step by step approach

Interesting Books I Recommend

Calculus Review Part I

It's all Greek to me!

Department's pages for Astro Majors and Physics Majors


For ALL Students:

—Study Astronomy with lectures, animations and more!

-- A Student's Guide to Recognizing it and Avoiding it! (This has be adopted by departments in: University of Wisconsin, VSU, University of Manchester, and others; and translated for Universites in: Czechoslovakia, Finland, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary)

What Science IS and IS NOT — written by a real, research scientist (me!) .

Out with a BANG: Black Holes -- web version of my planetarium show (Sp 2001)

Color in Astronomy -- web version of my planetarium show (Sp 2000)

The Dance of Math and Physics Look at math with new eyes.

Math Animations -- Mathmatical concepts come alive when animated!

Astronomy Animations — visualize the humongously enormous!

VSU's Virtual Museum of FOSSILS Explore our fossil collection by wandering through time.

VSU's Virtual Laboratory of Historical Geology Take a walk through time and see how various sediments formed to make the Grand Canyon, Zion, and 4 other interesting places.

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