What you'll find on this site

This site is a web version of Out with a Bang: Black Holes, a planetarium show presented at VSU in April 2001, as part of our yearly series of public shows. The best way to experience this site is to go through it start to finish. However, if you are interested only in specific aspects of black holes, here is a list of the topics presented.

How Stars Work

Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

Fusion in Stars Energy from Fusion

Death of Low Mass Stars Like Our Sun

Death of Stars More Massive than Our Sun

How Stars Make Heavy Elements

How a Supernova Explosion Happens

SN987A in the Magellanic Clouds

Supernova in a Faraway Galaxy

How Very Heavy Elements are Made

Relative Size of White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars

Gravity and Your Weight

Escape Velocity


Warping Space-Time

Sir Eddington's Test of General Relativity

Light paths

Trip to a neutron star

Space-Time diagrams of Neutron Stars and Black Holes


Anatomy of a Black Hole

What would happen if our Sun became a black hole?

Falling into a Black Hole

Trip to a Black Hole

Warping Space-Time

How to Hunt for Black Holes: in Binary Star Systems

How to Hunt for Black Holes: Gravitational Lensing

How to Hunt for Black Holes: in the Centers of Galaxies

A Supermassive Black Hole in the Core of the Milky Way