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Which Came First, Mathematics or Physics?

discussion questions

General Theory of Relativity or Why You Should Stay Awake in Math Class

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Quantum Mechanics and Imaginary Numbers

a problem to solve

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Newton invented a new math — A Rare Example of the Cart Before the Horse

math animation — constant speed

math animation — average speed

math animation — instantaneous speed

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Beauty or Beast? The Art in Mathematics


Aesthetics I — One Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

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Aesthetics II — Mathematical Art

fractal images

discussion questions (+ make your own fractal images!)

knots as art

topology as art --Escher drawings

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make a one-sided piece of paper — a Mobius strip

Some of my Favorite Quotes about Mathematics and Physics (and 1 spectacular poem)

Suggested Reading if you want to know more about physics and mathematics

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